Welcome to Sheetmetal Designs - an engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of precision sheet metal components.

At Sheetmetal Designs, we understand that our customers develop the mechanical and electronic aspects of their projects with the latest technologies available, and want them to be boldly recognisable in the competitive market place. [Aesthetics]! People buy beautiful things, works of [art] that [engage.] Yes, [sexy counts,] even in the industrial sector. Products need to [stir emotion] and [evoke passion!] Features are secondary.

We'll take your conceptual product, and dress it in the designer enclosure it [deserves]!

We can best describe our service offering as 'Origami' - the Chinese art of paper folding - we construct cabinets and enclosures from flat sheets. Instead of using paper and scissors, we use sheets of steel, CNC punches, "Lasers", press brakes, and other cool machines.

Examples of our work:

  • Multimedia kiosks
  • Vending machines
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Media displays
  • Mining equipment
  • UPS Cabinets
  • Security products
  • Intercom equipment
  • Currency handling equipment
  • Conveyor components
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Battery charger cabinets
  • Power supply cabinets and enclosures
  • Coin operated mechanisms
  • 19 inch equipment and cabinets

* The above list represents a few examples of our extensive capabilities. If your product or industry is not listed above, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements.

We strive to dramatically alter our customers' [experience] by providing transparent, industry leading systems, such as live online support and order tracking. Progress reports are complied and regularly updated. Your reports will include pictures of components in various stages of production. This assures that you are fully, and [truthfully,] informed of the progress of your order at all times!

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